Your Number One Job as an Animal

Something many doctors take for granted is the basic basic basic needs we human primate’s have. Let me illustrate with a story.  There are three kingdoms that rule the earth; Plants, Animals, and Fungi, each with a specific job on earth.

  • Plants’ job is to absorb radiation and turn air into material stuff.
  • Fungi’s job is to break that stuff down when it’s not being used.
  • Animals’ job is eating stuff and moving stuff all over the place.

Now this might not sound like it’s important, but this is because the modern world has us too busy to realize how fundamentally important what I just said was.  As animals, our charge is to eat and move.  That’s our job as animals.  When we stray from our natural charge, we start running into problems.  We have this deal with plants and fungi for the most part.  We eat you and move your spores and seeds around.

It sounds simple but let me put some perspective to this.  In the ancient past we moved and ate a variety of things, and we were out in the sun.  So part of what makes us fundamentally human is eating a variety of foods, and moving in a variety of ways.  If you didn’t move, you wouldn’t eat or survive.

Next time you plop down on the couch or buy fast food, just ask yourself, have I done my number one job as an animal today?