What’s Most Important To Your Health?

There is so much information out there, so many opinions trying to persuade us, how do we know what’s most important to our health with all the competing voices out there?  I’m going to try to prove that what’s most important to your health is owning your health.  Once we accept that our health is in our hands, we start acting and thinking in ways that keep us on track with health.  No one can care more than you do about your health.

Modus Operandi

First I would say, don’t trust anything out of hand.  Look at the modus operandi of any person or entity before you buy or commit. I’d like to say that doctors, drug companies, supplement companies, and health gurus all have our best interest in mind, but that just isn’t the truth.  The first thing any of these entities have to worry about is keeping alive themselves.  Here are some questions to ask yourself and any person that provides a health service:

  • How does this person make money?
  • How will this person continue to make money from me?
  • What will I get in exchange for my money?
  • How do people look, and how well are people, after treatment?

Who’s Going To Steer This Car?

The average Harvard Medical Graduate has to take ZERO classes in nutrition before becoming a doctor.  Below are some links to more detailed information about the medical industry.  Your doctor may be a great, well meaning, and at the same time the Medical Industry profits by providing drugs, surgery, and crises care.  The sicker you are the more they profit.  You benefit by not having a crises, which means prevention through nutrition and movement. I just made a claim but don’t you believe it.  Read and decide for yourself if you believe it is true.

nutrition wordle

Big Pharma targets Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants

Integrity in Science

The medicalization of everyday life

The tarnished reputation of university research

So what do we do? Who can we trust?  Who do we listen to?

Let go of this idea that you can blindly do what someone tells you to do.  You wouldn’t walk onto a car lot and just trust the salesman to give you the right car.  There’s all these qualifiers and communications that happen first.  And even then, you know that the sales person is going to try to get you spend more on upgrades, you ask questions, and you haggle to get a decent deal.


Your Powerful Tool For Making Sense Of Health Claims.

Understanding how to think about any claim is the first lesson in owning your own health.  Here’s an excellent video that walks you through critically thinking about health claims.  It’s a fun and entertaining way to make sense out of all those health claims that we are constantly being bombarded by.

Prevention Means Getting Our Fundamental Human Needs

Humans are primates that need sleep, micronutrients, macronutrients, an uncluttered mind on occasion, and movement.  Our food used to provide micro-nutrients,macro-nutrients and calories in proportions that we needed.  Our lives used to automatically include healthy movement and healthy amounts of calories.  Anything can be poison at the wrong dose, including water.  We survived in an environment and adapted to the particulars of that environment.  Now our environment has changed so drastically that not everything we put in our mouth is food anymore.

Now, unfortunately, it’s important to understand:

  • What used to be in our food that kept us alive and healthy.
  • How we get all the our essentials (micro and macro nutrients) into our diet, while not over-doing calories.

What once was automatic is now extra work.  It’s not the end of the world though. Many people worry about calories and what to restrict from their diet.  It’s more important to ask what do I need to add to my diet to be healthy?  If we want to be happy and healthy it’s important to take the extra effort and know what our bodies need.

One of the things I can tell you with clarity right now is, you should make sure your getting your essential nutrients FIRST, before taking a drug.  If you have a headache or inflammation, you could just take aspirin, but doesn’t it make sense to check if your getting the essentials you need to not have your body inflamed?  Omega-3 fatty acids are essential for brain function and inflammation regulation.  If you’re not getting those essentials that would be my first recommendation before resorting to the band-aid that is drugs.  Experiencing any symptoms of depression?  Have you gotten your Vitamin D levels checked?  You absolutely need adequate levels of Vitamin D to make serotonin and for feeling happy, something in the range of 50-80ng/mL.  If your not getting enough D in your diet shouldn’t you start there?

Wrapping Up

You might not feel safe, or really know what do do next, or what to eat, but just remember what’s most important to your health.  The answers are out there if you are curious.  Use this sight, and follow some of the resources that have proven to you that they have done they’re homework.


If you heard “Vitamins are bad for you” here is a video from a Doctor and Scientist who specializes in studying the role of vitamins in the body  She looks T’d off for a good reason  Imagine someone who was NOT in your field of research made a claim, out of ignorance, that YOUR field of study was not important.  You may have seen the articles that claimed that vitamins are bad for you or worthless.  This was a meta-study, or a study of studies.  If you watched the Science for Smart People tool above you’ll know already that a pile of correlation studies is about as fishy as a cannery.