Upcoming Body-Fat Testing Events

At Fitness Voodoo we have a couple different event types.

Body Composition / Body-Fat Testing Events

We regularly get together with local businesses to provide on-site body composition or body-fat testing.  Attendees can get body-fat tested, along with ask questions about health and wellness concerns.

inbody_deviceHealth Challenges

Many local gyms, cross-fits, and fitness studios, provide monthly or quarterly challenges.  Fitness Voodoo offers onsite body composition or body-fat testing, bringing accurate tracking of your progress, as well as nutritional insight.  By knowing exactly where you are and tracking what really matters to your goals progress is real and achievable. Each Participant gets scanned at the beginning and end of the event, letting them know exactly what changes they have made during the event.  Participants learn they’re current body-fat, distribution of muscle and fat, total body water, overall hydration, lean body mass, and basil metabolic rate from they’re report.  We also help everyone determine they’re exact nutritional needs based on they’re sheet.

Wellness Talks

Healthcare is the number one cause of bankrupsy in the U.S.  What most people don’t realize until it’s too late is the largest causes of mortality are all preventable through lifestyle changes like nutrition and activity.  We at Fitness Voodoo love to do talks to help groups understand how they can prevent poor health without taking drastic amounts of time from their schedules or committing to huge changes in diet or activity.  In as little as thirty minutes we can drastically improve participant’s understanding of what effects their health and what to do about it.  Knowledge and a little handholding can work wonders to prevent lifelong disease and health care costs.


Here is our current schedule of events.  If you are interested in having an event held at your location, make sure to contact us, we’d love share with you: