Nutrition for 2017 and supplements your diet isn’t providing.

Nutrients you’re not getting from food, and probably not taking.

The TLDR (Too Long, Didn’t Read), download my nutrition list for 2017 and follow the instructions for each item.  You can find our Fitness Voodoo’s 2017 supplements list here.

Do I really need to supplement nutrition?

You may have heard that you need vitamins or you may have heard vitamins are worthless, or even bad for you.  Make no mistake, vitamins are essential components of the complex machine you own called your body.

The reason there is so much controversy over vitamins and supplements is because they don’t usually show you some magical effect the moment you take them.  We’re so used to taking a pill or a cup of coffee and having an immediate effect.

Essential nutrients are a lot like the oil or transmission fluid in your car.  Just as your car can run on low oil, your body can run on low nutrients.  You won’t really be able to tell if you are low on transmission fluid until your car starts acting, funny.

It’s the same with your body.  You can get by without getting your essential nutrients for a while, but the metabolic wear and tear shows up as; low energy, emotional instability, irritability, metal fog, restless sleep, and depression, and can compound into obesity, diabetes, multiple-sclerosis, Alzheimers, heart-attack, stroke, and cancer.

What nutrition could I possibly be missing?

What nutrition could you possibly be missing? The short answers all essential fat soluble vitamins.  A, E, D3, K2, and Omega 3 are the big ones. As well as key salts like potassium, and magnesium that are found in plant material.

Our diets used to be made of various fibers, along with plant and animal parts.  Plants and animals both sequester tons of nutrients in their tissues for their own use.  We eat them and then we get those nutrients to keep our bodies running correctly.  The bacteria in our GI tract eat from our food.  We may not like it, but that’s what it means to be higher up the food chain.

In the ancient past, there’s a good chance our ancestors went thru times of very few calories, and when calories did come, they where probably from animal fat.  Look back even as recent as 100 years ago and your great grandma probably ate things like sweetbread, liver, and tongue.  All of these organ meats have high amounts of fat soluble vitamins.

Now our diet is manufactured.  Unfortunately it’s much cheaper and more profitable to make almost everything out of carbohydrate or hydrogenated oils, both of which come from mass farmed crops.  The bottom line is; modern food is high calorie, high carbohydrate, low fiber, and low nutrient density, when we need lower carbohydrate, lower calorie, higher fiber, and high nutrient density.

Realistically, if modern food sucks, how do I know or get my nutritional needs?

In the ancient part, man evolved to survive in the environment around him.  You didn’t need to think about getting vitamin D3 because you made it from getting sun exposure everyday.  Now, we humans don’t live under the sun, so we have to take D3 to supplement that fact.

In the ancient past you didn’t have to think about exercising to keep your immune system fully functioning.  In the ancient past you moved to find food and do your normal survival business.  Not moving meant death.  Now, we don’t have to move to find our food but we still have all these functions that used to be regulated by movement, like neuro-chemicals (brain-works) and lymphatic circulation (immune system).

Modernity, the fast changing modern world, has not given us time to evolve to match our environment.  When once you did not have to think about, now you do, if you want to survive and be healthy. 

So how do we get our nutritional needs?

  • Firstly, by recognizing this burden of modernity:  You have to take responsibility now for what was once automatic.
  • And Secondly, you have to supplement and simulate what modernity does not provide, the same way a hamster needs a wheel and vitamin enriched food pellets.

What nutrients am I missing and how do I supplement them?

Download our Fitness Voodoo nutrition list for 2017 at the link at the top of the page and follow the instructions for each item.  Most items are taken with food.  Magnesium should be spread out over the course of the day with each meal.  In the ancient past you would almost never find carbohydrate without the presence of fiber or magnesium because it was locked up in plant material, so it’s a good idea to simulate this buy getting a little fiber and magnesium in every meal.

If you want to know WHY you need each of these nutrients, congratulations, you are now interested in how nutrition effects the body.  I will be posting articles on each nutrient in easy to understand detail in the coming weeks here on the site.  A  good start for exploring the importance of each nutrient can be found by exploring The Linus Pauling Institute’s website.

When most of the medical establishment is being funded by drug companies and their agenda, The Linus Pauling Institute is one of the few great organizations dedicated to understanding nutrition and preventing disease.

Here is a link to The Linus Pauling Institute’s Vitamin & Mineral cheat sheet which will give you a quick understanding of each nutrient, where to find that nutrient in food, and what that nutrient does for your body.

The Linus Pauling Institute also has exhaustive articles on each nutrient, if you want to be a pro at understanding nutrition and your body.

In conclusion

I hope you found this information about nutrition and supplementation useful.  Feel free to look at our other articles for tips on fiber, and getting your nutrition from food.  A great start is to replace one of your meals with a spinach smoothie and just eating less calories in general.