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This page is my ongoing collection of articles, links, and news items as I read them.  I do lots of research and follow many resources. Make sure to bookmark this page so you can keep up on what’s current in the world of nutrition information.

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  • A new study shows the connection between fiber, fiber digesting bacteria, and asthma. Looks like getting more fiber may protect against allergic asthma
  • Ever wonder how good the quality of your protein powder really is? Look no further than Labdoor
  • How do you decide if you should believe a health claim? They can’t all be right. This entertaining presentation gives you a first rate education on how to understand and navigate the world of studies and health claims.
  • This video presentation with Robert H. Lustig covers understanding the effects of increasing fructose in our diets.  This is a great resource for understanding the mechanism for fructose (not to be confused for sugar). Although, demonizing sugar is no solution to the current health crises.  You can watch Sugar: The Bitter Truth here.  More info on obesity from the University of California can be found at their site on obesity, here.


  • Campylobacter
    New scare article: Campylobacter. The thing that makes chicken the #1 most germ infested meat. Take away?  Handle raw chicken like a biohazard (don’t wash it). Once it’s cooked your fine. Definitely, watch the video.  Normally I hate ‘scare news’ but there’s a good reason in this case.
  • Lots of good information about Campylobacter in one convenient location.  98% to 46% rate of campylobacter detection in raw chicken samples for U.S.  …flip a coin or cook your chicken.
  • Eggs seem safe from Campylobacter. Contamination on shells is very low. Detailed studies here and here.