What your doctor won’t tell you

What your doctor won’t tell you


Your doctor knows many things, but do they know how to get or stay healthy?

Here is a list of things you won’t hear from your doctor’s mouth:

  • “Your health is your responsibility.”
  • “I haven’t taken a single course in nutrition.”
  • “There’s nothing we can do to stop you from getting cancer.”
  • “I make money if you come in for treatment, but those treatments are only band-aids to your problem.”
  • “Diabetes is a nutrition problem.”
  • “There’s no ‘cure’ for cancer.”

    You’ll Probably Die from one of the Four Big Killers, Unless…

    If you live in the westernized world, and are past age 40, there’s an 80% chance you will die from one of the big four diseases. Nicknamed the four big killers, Cancer, Cardiovascular disease, neurodegenerative disease, and cerebrovascular disease, represent the biggest risk to your longevity and quality of life. Let’s take a closer look at each of the Four Big Killers.


    The definition of cancer is: A disease in which abnormal cells divide uncontrollably and destroy body tissue. But WHY are there abnormal cells? Why do they divide uncontrollably? There really will never be a ‘cure’ for cancer, any more than there will be a ‘cure’ for NOT standing in front of a leaking nuclear reactor. Cancer is a result from damage to your DNA beyond the ability to repair. How that damage occurs usually varies but the solution is the same, Avoid DNA damage and repair DNA damage that occurs (if possible).

    Cardiovascular disease

    We know Cardiovascular Disease by its symptoms. Things like high blood pressure, and C-Reactive Protein tell us something’s up, eventually manifesting as atherosclerosis or heart attack.
    Essentially the blood’s highway can build up plaque. Arterial walls get hard, inflexible, and narrow, until your body can’t function any more. Again, medical science knows how to deal with the Crises of Cardiovascular incidents, but prevention is usually not focused on, other than prescribing various drugs that is. See my post on for more on blood pressure drugs. Unfortunately it is assumed that old age means heart issues and generally breaking down. The best prevention advice you’ll get is eat better (whatever that means).

    Neurodegenerative disease

    Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Lou Gehrig’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, and Huntington’s disease. All of these diseases are related to the nervous system breaking down in some way. If you punch any one of these items into google search, a box will pop up on the right that tells you about it, with friendly pictures. Every one of these is ‘treatable’ or ‘medically manageable, but none have a cure.
    One of the interesting things about the nervous system, it needs fat soluble vitamins. Your brain is made from docosahexaenoic acid (fish oil, DHA). Our ancestors used to get 10x more fat soluble vitamins like DHA than we do. Hmmmm…

    Cerebrovascular disease

    Also known as Stroke or now they call them transient ischemic attacks or TIA’s. Think of this as a heart attack but replace brain with heart. Same problems. Associated with risk factors like hypertension, smoking, obesity, and diabetes. I can just imagine a murder scene. A guy is shot in a shady spaghetti house. Imagine the police write up saying something like “Death associated risk factors are spaghetti restaurants owned by mobsters, and loaded guns”.
    The Four Big Killers Have This in Common: Nutritional Deficiency Over Time.
    What your doctor won’t tell you is that all of the four big killers are effects of poor nutrition and poor movement over the expanse of your life. Too many calories without the nutrients that would normally come with food. Doctors can’t treat nutrition or behavior, doctors specialize in what I call ‘crises care’. It’s the roadside assistance of a human’s biological life. Make no mistake, doctors specialize in surgery, drugs, and diagnosis.
    As the saying goes, if the only tool you have is a hammer, you look at every problem as a nail. Any idea how much nutrition a medical student needs in order to pass medical school? None.
    To put it as simple as possible, your body is a complex machine. This complex machine needs certain things in order to run correctly. Just like your car, you have to replace fluids and check things every once in a while. You can ignore your brake fluid and be fine. For a while. Your body is no different. There are key nutrients that let your body work smoothly and without them, things don’t work right. If you don’t get enough D3, your body can’t make serotonin, along with 1000 other important processes. If you don’t get K2, your body can’t clean up all that calcium floating around in your arteries, skin, and organs. If you don’t magnesium, your mitochondria can’t repair DNA damage from sunlight, food, or anything else.
    If you don’t want to be diagnosed, cut open, or fed pills with side effects unduly then it’s time to take nutrition knowledge seriously.

    In Conclusion

    I’ll leave you with this, here are two sets of mice.D3 KO-mice The mouse on the left is what is called a knockout mouse, Poor little fella. He’s had his DNA tampered with. By Knocking out genes, Scientists have removed this little guy’s ability to process vitamin D3. Now in the top picture at around four months old he looks ok, but by eight months he has some problems. He’s all wrinkly with brittle bones. Essentially without being able to process vitamin D this guy has aged extremely fast compared to his brother on the right.
    These poor little mice can’t do anything about their condition, but we humans have a choice. This little mouse can never process D3 and be healthy, but you have the choice, it’s just a matter of getting it in.