Nutrients you’re not getting from food, and probably not taking. The TLDR (Too Long, Didn’t Read), download my nutrition list for 2017 and follow the instructions for each item.  You can find our Fitness Voodoo’s 2017 supplements list here. Do I really need to supplement nutrition? You may have heard that […]

Nutrition for 2017 and supplements your diet isn’t providing.

What your doctor won’t tell you   Your doctor knows many things, but do they know how to get or stay healthy? Here is a list of things you won’t hear from your doctor’s mouth: “Your health is your responsibility.” “I haven’t taken a single course in nutrition.” “There’s nothing we […]

What your doctor won’t tell you

Sure you’ve heard you need fiber, but I’d bet you don’t get enough. Why do we need fiber, what does fiber do for us, and how do I get enough fiber?  We’ll cover these questions and when you know the answers, I’m sure you’ll be motivated to action. TLDR:  Too […]

Secrets of Fiber

Something many doctors take for granted is the basic basic basic needs we human primate’s have. Let me illustrate with a story.  There are three kingdoms that rule the earth; Plants, Animals, and Fungi, each with a specific job on earth. Plants’ job is to absorb radiation and turn air into material stuff. Fungi’s […]

Your Number One Job as an Animal

If you aren’t very motivated to make nutrition a part of your daily routine you’ll want to read this post about the essentials you’re not getting. Shape your environment for easy nutrition. Making nutrition easy really comes down to environment.  Environment?  Yep.  Your willpower isn’t good enough, knowing isn’t good enough, […]

Easy nutrition in three steps

There is so much information out there, so many opinions trying to persuade us, how do we know what’s most important to our health with all the competing voices out there?  I’m going to try to prove that what’s most important to your health is owning your health.  Once we […]

What’s Most Important To Your Health?

chlorophyll cells 2
Hey guys, it’s been a while.   I’ve been up to my normal diet of voracious research and wanted to share some new insights, especially when it comes to cancer, energy, endurance training, and longevity.   Recently I came across the statistics on some key micronutrients that effect energy production. […]

Magnesium, Energy, and Cancer. And My Smoothie Recipe

After a site crash we’ve been working on restoring all our old posts. Thanks to everyone for you patience while we get the site and all its resources back up and running. If you have any requests until then, just drop us a message on facebook, email, or give us […]

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